Contemporary Circus performer

A seasoned performer with a dazzling career starting from 2011, showcasing expertise across various international companies and major events. Graduated in one of the best worldwide Higher School of Circus Arts (ESAC) in 2011, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing arts and Broadcasting and Communication techniques.

Acrobatic Ladder

Breathtaking acrobatics on a free ladder.

Cyr Wheel

Athleticism and artistry are showcased in a mesmerizing display of elegant spinning prowess. The show is also available with a LED Cyr wheel.


A symphony of skill and innovation, where every spin and trick brings you into a curious world.

Led performance

Illuminated wings on a monowheel, a fiber optic whip, and LED clubs will transport you to a fantastical and hypnotic realm of wonder.


I began to immerse myself in the world of the circus almost unconsciously, simply driven by the desire to have fun juggling with balls. I then discovered that I enjoyed it a lot and also started using clubs. Later, I felt like trying my hand at unicycling and gymnastics. At that time, I was 16 years old and lived in Sicily, a place where the circus was and still is not very well known. I developed my juggling style by blending movement, acrobatics, and contact with clubs. Many workshops and festivals I participated in allowed me to refine my technique.

But I always had a thirst for learning more, and Palermo had become too small for me. So I decided to embark on a journey within circus schools. At the age of 19, I left for Turin where I joined the preparatory circus school “FLIC” which introduced me to balancing and the ladder. I really liked balancing because this discipline required a certain type of concentration that I had never managed to achieve in my daily life. Additionally, the fear of falling combined with the desire to succeed created a unique sensation in my head. One of my dreams was to join the ESAC circus school and, at 22, immediately after the Turin school, I succeeded in passing the selection. It was there that I further perfected my techniques, specializing primarily in acrobatic ladder and secondarily in the Cyr wheel. I completed the Higher School of Circus Arts (ESAC) in 2011, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing arts and Broadcasting and Communication techniques .

Following the attainment of my diploma in 2011 and completing five years of circus school (two years at FLIC and three years at ESAC), I performed hundreds of shows throughout Europe and America. I also participated in many collectives of various types, some focused on the circus, others on a more theatrical or musical approach. And also some tv shows. I have mastered various techniques, but my specialties are the Cyr wheel and acrobatic ladder with which I present different acts. I enjoy blending dance and improvisation with my circus techniques, as it allows me to develop a broad physical vocabulary. In 2016, I began to explore a new discipline that is not commonly used in the circus: acrobatics with a monowheel.

In 2018, I became a co-founder of the first Italian EUC school. I create new performances, successfully integrating it even in unusual scenic contexts for such equipment, and I even managed to break a Guinness World Record in 2020!

Daniele Contino ladder

Past Shows


Tour 2023 
– Show “Hope” by Sprookjes Enzo in Herk-de-Stad, Berlare, Tervuren, Pelt, Asse, Puurs(BE).

– Ladder and led Cyr wheel acts in CC Stroming Dorp Berlare (BE)

– Cyr wheel and monowheel act in Oostrozebeke (BE)

– Cyr wheeel and ladder acts in Merchtem (BE)

– Monowheel and Ladder acts in De Panne (BE)

– Ladder act for Snickers worker event in Ghelamco Arena Gent (BE)

– Ladder and cyr wheel acts for Gran Casino cabaret in Brussels (BE)

– Ladder act Antwerpen (BE)

– Led Cyr wheel and monowheel acts for Bugatti Paris (FR)

– Led monowheel Juggling act in Diksmuide (BE)

Show “Passa il Tempo” by Sprookjes Enzo for Bliekfabrik in Antwerpen (BE)

– Show “Passa il Tempo” for Winterboerderij by CC.DeKern in Wilrijk(BE)



Tour 2022

– Show “SOMNIA – Wie Klingen Träume” by  Ensemble Resonanz in Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg (DE)

– Ladder and Cyr wheel act Sport Gala Antwerpen Stadium (BE)

– Show “Hope”, Crema (IT), Dildbeek, Anversa, Turnhout, Willebroek, Mechelen, Hamme, Zottegem

– Led cyr wheel act Lommel Sport Gala (BE)

– Ladder act corporate for BNP Bank event Brussels (BE)

– Led cyr wheel for video corporate event in Gent (BE)

– Monowheel and ladder acts in Sport Gala in Koln (DE)

– Led cyr wheel act in Dienstencentrum Zonnebloem (BE)

– Show “Passa il Tempo” for Winterlicht Festival in Bokrijk (BE)



Tour 2021

TV show “Game of talent” Belgium Monowheel act.

– Show “Passa il tempo” in Turnhout,Tielt, Eekeren,Sint Pieters Leeuw and Pelt (BE)

– Show “Hope” in Caserta (Italy), Puurs, Hasselt, Gent, Dommelhof, Peer, Pelt (BE)

– Ladder, monowheel and Cyr wheel acts for ULB event in Place Flagey Brussels

– Ladder, monowheel and Cyr wheel in Brussels (BE)

– Led Cyr wheel act, cabaret in Gent (BE)

– Monowheel and Cyr wheel acts in Hasselt (BE)


Tour 2020

– Ladder and Cyr wheel acts for a Cabaret in Mechelen (BE)

– Sponsored Video creations for “Electric Games” event in France

– Ladder and Cyr wheel acts in Sleidige (BE)

– Led monowheel act corporate event in Lokeren (BE)

– Video shooting acts pour artist impresario vzw

– Monowheel for TV show “Tu Si Que Vales” Italia

– Show “Passa il tempo” in Asselt (BE)

– Monowheel act in Brussels


Tour 2019 

– Ladder act for TNT Crew in Gent (BE)

Show “SOMNIA – Wie Klingen Träume” by  Ensemble Resonanz in Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg (DE)

Cyr wheel and monowheel act for TNT Crew in Antwerpen (BE)

– Cyr wheel act for TNT Crew in Brugge (BE)

– Ladder act and Cyr wheel act for Sport Gala in Beerlare (BE)

– Monowheel act for Sport Gala in Denderleeuw (BE)

– Cyr wheel Ladder and Monowheel acts in a cabaret in Asselt (BE)

– Monowheel performance for the event “Bike Brussels”

– Ladder and monowheel acts in Brugge (BE)

– Cyr Wheel act for a sport gala in Liege (BE)

– Monowheel and Led Cyr wheel in Paris.

– Ladder act for a Cabaret in Brussels.

Tour 2018

– Show “Passa il tempo” Turnhout (BE)

– Ladder and cyr wheel acts in Waregem (BE)

– Monowheel act and “Alien on spacewheel” Walking act in Anderlecht (BE) Family day

– Ladder and Cyr Wheel acts in Dendermonde (BE)

– Ladder and Cyr Wheel acts in Wemmel (BE)

– Ladder, Cyr Wheel and Monowheel acts in Sleidinge (BE)

– Cyr wheel and Alien on spacewheel act for Huntsman Family day in Kraainem

– show “Passa il tempo” in Ternat

– Monowheel and “alien on spacewheel” Walking acts at park Zoomarine in Rome (IT)

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Gent, Rooselare and Ninove (BE)

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Knokke

– Ladder and Cyr Wheel acts

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Deurne (BE)

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Lommel (BE)

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Zottegem (BE)

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Dendermonde (BE)

– show “Passa il Tempo” in Hamme (BE)


Tour 2017

– Sport Gala in Geel (BE)

– Cabaret in Lier (BE)

– Cabaret in Herentals (BE)

– Cabaret in Mechelen (BE)

– Ladder act in Diest (BE)

– Ladder act in Lokeren (BE) Family day

– Show Second Life, Circus Festival in Nanterres (FR)

– Ladder and Monowheel acts in Festival O^ de Molembeek (BE)

– Show Second Life in Lelligen Luxembourg

– Show Perfect storm in Den Haag, Holland

– Ladder and cyr wheel in Cabaret in Ypres (BE)

– Cyr wheel act sport Gala in Ninove (BE)

– Show “Perfect storm” in Oorstezele (BE)

– Monowheel Act for the event Dimanche sans voiture in Jette (BE)

– Ladder and Cyr Wheel acts in Lokeren (BE)

– Show “Passa il tempo” in Neerpelt (BE)

– Cyr wheel act in Wetteren (BE)

– Ladder and Cyr wheel acts in Sport Gala Deinze (BE)


Tour 2016

– Cabaret in Zedelgem (BE)

– Cabaret in Hamme (BE)

– “Les émotions à la table!” Bruxelles

– Spettacolo “Second Life” in Wambek (BE)

– Spettacolo “Second Life” in Dendermonde

– Festival de la paix a Bruxelles numero d’echelle acrobatique au Bravo Bar

– Cabaret echelle et roue cyr in Gent (BE)

– Sport Gala in Antwerpen (BE)

– Ladder and Cyr wheel acts in Sport Gala Deinze (BE)


Tour 2015

– Ennigerloh (DE)

– Show “Second life” in Sibiu culture festival (RO)

– Spettacolo “Les émotions à table!” al centro culturale di Bruxelles Tenweyngaert (BE)

– Dour (BE)

– Dusseldorf (DE)

– Bruxelles “Les émotions à la table!” al festival Supermouche Bruxelles

– Mijdrecht (NL)

– Bogerhout (BE)


Tour 2014

– Walsrode (DE)

– Amiens (France)

– Zonnebeke (BE)

– Duisburg (DE)

– Paderborn (DE)

– Mijdrecht (BE)

– Saint Alban (France)

– Hannover (DE)

– Festival in Lienz (AU)

– Bad Pyrmond (DE)

– Outreau (FR)

– Eindhoven (NL)

– Evenburg (DE)

– Niewpoort (BE)

– Clemenswerth (DE)

– Duinkerke (FR)

– Geel (BE)

– Spa (BE)

– Beerse (BE)

– Ladder and Cyr wheel acts for a cabaret 14 shows in varius cities in France.


Tour 2013

– Bruxelles (BE)

– Den Haag (NL)

– Gent (BE)

– Roeselare (BE)

– Paderborn (DE)

– Zuerifaescht Zurich (Swiss)

– Kleinesfestival 19 shows in Hannover (DE)

– Windschoten (BE)

– Mouscron (Belgique)

– Hilton Austin Convention Center (Austin Texas)

– Miller Theatre Houston (Texas)

– Ruisbroek (BE)

– Mill (BE)

– Bronx theatre Bruxelles (BE)

– Andoain (Spain)


Tour 2012

– Leopoldsburg (BE)

– Bruxelles

– Torhout (BE)

– Hamme (BE)

– Blizen (BE)

– Bever (BE)

– Zondhoven (BE)

– Ixelles (BE)

– Wemmel (BE)

– Franc-Warret (BE)

– Krainem (BE)

– Bergamo (IT)

– Antwerpen (BE)

– Tielt (BE)

– Kouderkerk (BE)

– Dendermonde (BE)

– Dortmund (DE)

– Oostende (BE)

– Beltrum (NE)

– Aalbeke (BE)

– Cucy le Chateau (FR)

– Kuurne (BE)

– Mons (BE)

– Ladder and Cyr wheel acts 12 shows in varius cities in France.

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