Show reel

A captivating compilation featuring highlights from my recent circus performances.

Led Cyr wheel act trailer

This is the trailer of my Cyr wheel act. Perfect for any kind of event! The LED wheel program is synchronized with the music, featuring a piece by Lindsey Stirling that, due to copyright reasons, I couldn’t include in the trailer. This led effect synchronization enhances the spectacular acrobatics on the wheel even further.

Acrobatic monowheel act trailer

I enjoyed exploring all the acrobatic possibilities of this unusual object that is not yet part of the circus world, creating a fresh and fun act filled with acrobatics, rotations, and a touch of comedy.

Led act trailer

An innovative and psychedelic performance created by blending juggling with glowing clubs, acrobatics with the unicycle, a LED optic fiber whip, and an aluminum character adorned with LED wings

Daniele Contino ladder and wheel Cyr promo

A trailer of two of my major circus discipline.

My first Guinness World Record!!!!

Since I was very young I wanted to be in this book. And finally I succeeded! In 2020 I beat this record: “Farthest distance travelled on an electric unicycle while juggling three objects”!

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